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Win-win with you, win in the system

  Jeunesse is a platform + partner model. All partners are equal. With the help of the world’s business platform, let's turn consumption into invest ment and take part in the profit distribution of the company with the helpof wealth creation system, so as to establish a risk-free pipeline for sustainable management. 
  Jeunesse was launched on September 09, 2009 .When the co-founding   Husband and wife team Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis emerged from    retirement to create Jeunesse, the goal all along was to build a global  billion-dollar brand. In just six short years, that dream was realized whenthe company reached USD1.1 billion annual sales in 2015. 

  Armed with the Exclusive Youth-Enhancement Products made in the USA, a global e-commerce platform for interactive online shopping, Jeunesse    has grown to  over 150 markets with more  than  30 fully operational offices spanning six continents, creating a global  family that isn’t limited by   geography, language or culture.


Jeunesse Project Advantage:

● One ID number to join the global
● Global independent servers, independent fibre-optic network
● Global access market ( no borders, no region-boundary, no time-difference, no language limit, with instantaneous conversion of more than 30 languages)
● Scientists' doctoral R&D team, leading the world's 5-10 years of high biotechnology products
● One-time input, global uniform prices

● The global point-to-point full services(gold flow, logistics, customer service centre);
● Global innovation profit model - interactive online shopping 
● Global International Jeunesse University, Diamond Business School
● Global independent online offices
● The unique global financial independent account for US dollars
● Lifelong enjoys honorable membership service and 65% discount of high  quality products
● Lifelong membership, hereditary, inherited, transferable


▶Jeunesse Perfect Operating System:

● Global Cloud Network E-commerce System: 

● global enrollment system includes multi-lingual personal websites, more 

● than 30 national languages, breaking regional restrictions, language 

● communication barriers and achieving global sales! 


▶ International Career Chain System:

No hoarding, no delivery, online joining, online chain, online consumption ,  do elegant e-commerce ! 


▶ the world’s first Y.E.S Youth Enhancement System:

 It has three main technological core: stem cell technology, gene nutrition,   DNA repair and telomere technology,  is dedicated to the development of  

 products that can bring people healthier, longer and more cellular renewal,   so that people can have a more youthful and active life.


▶ Humanized Wealth Generation System: 

The simplest and most successful bonus system with no pressure on        performance, wide audience ! 


  Jeunesse is a global enterprise that truly realizes the business model of "six networks in one". All the links of R&D, production, settlement and logistics services are completed through an intelligent platform. As long aswe become members of Jeunesse,  we will have the opportunity to access its intelligent platform and obtain powerful empowerment. Human + intelligence = unlimited empowerment. We have transformed from consumers to distributors and operators, from terminals to front ends, creating value by sharing valuable information and operating global businesses.
  We can easily realize online business, everyone is equal between us, no one has a relationship between superior and subordinate, the opportunity is equal, you have me, I have you, help each other. In this system of interactive wealth creation, we work together to create value for each other.
  Success comes from the power of the system, win-win with you,  win in the system !


Changum Chemicals Co., Ltd

Changum specializes in international trade, focusing on exports of forestry chemicals such as gum rosin, gum turpentine and rosin derivatives. Today, in order to better integrate and expand domestic and foreign customer resources, Changum has expanded business into the global cross-border e-commerce field since the year 2020.

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