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  YOUR HEALTHSPAN & NAD+ Recent scientific advancements discovered that the period of healthful living, your healthspan, can be influenced by NAD+. Although you can find small amounts of NAD+ in your diet, NAD+ boosters are the most effective way to support NAD+ levels.

  You have one life. Live it well with L1FE NMN, a dietary supplement with the Youthful Complex 6 proprietary blend of six cutting-edge, well-researched ingredients. NMN helps support the body’s NAD+ levels. Alpinia galanga and PQQ create energy at the cellular level and support healthy brain function. L1FE NMN also features BioPerine? black pepper fruit extract for absorption support, l-citrulline, a long-studied and helpful amino acid, as well as pterostilbene, a stilbenoid that is found naturally in berries. Take L1FE NMN to regain youthful energy and feel confident that you are maximizing your healthy years, so every day is lived well.

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Changum Chemicals Co., Ltd

Changum specializes in international trade, focusing on exports of forestry chemicals such as gum rosin, gum turpentine and rosin derivatives. Today, in order to better integrate and expand domestic and foreign customer resources, Changum has expanded business into the global cross-border e-commerce field since the year 2020.

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